Church Planting

The POA wants all of our congregations to be involved in church planting in at least one of these three ways:

  • Patron – offering prayer and financial support
  • Partner – joining with a few other churches to jointly plant a church, perhaps through the developing ministry networks
  • Planter – a church would develop a mother/daughter relationship to plant a church

In all three cases, the Presbytery, through our Church Planting Team (as part of the Church Development Team) will provide its support in fostering good church planting practices. Be in prayer about how your church can be involved.

We encourage you to listen to a short video from Rev. Dr. Tim Keller (click here) on the need for every church to be involved in church planting.

If you're an interested congregation or a potential church planter, contact Marc de Jeu (POA Church Plant Team facilitator).