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Marlene Becker

Part of the 8 step process in joining the Presbytery of the Alleghenies is to attend our Church Vitality Seminar.  It is required that the Pastor and at least 50% of Session be in attendance.  Church staff and leaders are welcome to attend as well.

This is a one day seminar that allows a church to examine itself, reset its goals and develop a plan of obedience to the Great Commission of the Lord.  The POA will conduct these Seminars two or three times a year. (Click for more information on the seminar)

The other fundamental of the EPC is that we are a Missional Church.  This simply means we seek to share our faith with our communities and our world.  This means that we are “outward focused” churches and not “inward focused.”  In other words, we want to help churches be healthy and Christ centered.  We have discovered that the process of departing from other denominations can be very painful and requires a church to be very inner focused for a length of time.  Our goal is to help churches heal from this process and once again focus on the future.   This seminar is the first step to refocus the congregation.   Churches have discovered that this can bring great renewal to their congregation.

Current POA churches are invited and encouraged to attend with as many of their church leaders and staff as possible.

We want to continue to support and encourage one another in becoming the kind of presbytery we envisioned 6 years ago – missionally-minded, networked in ministry, and intentional in church planting.  As such, we want all churches in the EPC Presbytery of the Alleghenies (“POA”) to be well informed on what we are aspiring to and to participate in the resources we are making available for churches.   We look forward to your attendance at this very important seminar.

To register or for questions please contact Marlene Becker, Administrative Assistant to the POA at