Welcome to our resource page. As the POA develops tools for our churches we will add them here. Below is also a link to the EPC resources page for additional support.

CDC Manual
Church Vitality 2.0 Process
Examination Handbook for Candidates, Teaching Elders and Commissioned Pastors
Joining the POA
POA Elder Exam Handbook
POA Policy for Churches in Transition
POA Policy for Search Committees
Teaching Elder Annual Report

Preparing for Lent
Practical Guidelines for Communion
by the POA Ministerial Committee

EPC Resources

Church Planting – Our Call to Multiply

The POA wants to be intentional about planting churches. Not every church in our presbytery will be able to plant a church, but every church in our presbytery can play a part in planting a church.

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Church Vitality Seminars

Part of the 8 step process in joining the Presbytery of the Alleghenies is to attend our Church Vitality Seminar.  It is required that the Pastor and at least 50% of Session be in attendance.  Church staff and leaders are welcome to attend as well.

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EPiC Student Ministries

EPiC is the student ministry network of the EPC churches of the Presbytery of the Alleghenies. It is our desire to glorify Christ by uniting PoA student ministries in worship and fellowship.

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