August 14 &15, 2020

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Transitional Ministry is Now a Major Issue for Many Churches

More and more churches are experiencing pastoral turnover. Many boomer pastors are moving toward retirement. Some are transitioning from one call to another.

We believe that this transitional time can be a real gift to the church that slows down long enough to take a serious look at its health and vitality.

  1. The trained transitional pastor can lead the church through a time of necessary self assessment that can position the church to deal with its history and current issues that may be holding it back from all that God would have them to do.
  2. The Trained Transitional Pastor assists the church to look seriously at its mission and vision in light of the Great Commission and to determine where the Lord has called them to serve in their community and around the world.
  3. And finally, the trained transitional pastor can lead the church in intentional ways to position the church to select and receive its new leader with a prepared strategic plan to reach its community with the gospel.


Anyone who is currently serving as a transitional pastor, for anyone who is ready to think about this as a possible calling, or for anyone who wants to learn more about being a transitional pastor as a possible calling for the future.

Any church that is facing a transitional time and would like to explore what a transitional pastor can do for them.


You will be able to receive real time coaching from other transitional pastors, a monthly gathering of our transitional pastors to discuss the issues related to leading a church transitionally, and a wonderful time to pray together. You will also hear from transitional pastors and elders from churches who have experienced transitional pastoral ministry.