Who We Are

The Presbytery of the Alleghenies was officially called on September 16, 2011. The Presbytery began with churches formerly in the Midwest and East Presbyteries.

These are exciting times for the Presbytery of the Alleghenies.We have grown from 15 churches  to 74 churches. As we grow, there are intentional ministry networks developing– groups of churches who are forming meaningful relationships and beginning to connect and serve with one another.
We are being deliberate in planting churches.

  • Engaged in planting opportunities in two (2) locations – one (1) of them in urban settings

  • Partnering with the World Outreach Engage 2025 initiative in Sierra Leone to plant churches in two unreached villages.

We anticipate that the rate of numerical growth will continue. With growth comes change, so we are constantly looking at how our presbytery is currently structured to see if adjustments are necessary to support our primary goal – to support the local church in ministry! It is our desire that all churches in our presbytery aspire to five (5) key attributes (click here).